Press or Travel Agent Familiarization trips are important promotional and educational tools for the travel trade . They are often initiated by an offer of airline seats, or the suggestion to promote a specific travel destination or theme. They require a lot of thought and organization, but also a great deal of collaboration with suppliers and DMO's. Budgets are a challenge and every detail can make or break such a trip. Organizing a Fam requires an intimate knowledge of product development and supplier relations, but also years of practical tour experience, including crucial timing.

To find the right person to organize and lead a fam can be hard. If you split up the work and let different people in your organization handle segments, then it will be hard to make it a whole. Or when different state or local DMO's each take care of their area, there may be some grey area in between that is not covered in the end result. If you hand the task to someone without practical experience, you may run into timing issues or supplier conflicts and damage relationships you rely on. It is also hard for your staff to put their own work aside to make the time to arrange such a promotion successfully .

Once the moment comes to operate the actual Fam, you may need someone to accompany your VIP's or someone to be a contact for them and to handle any and all changes that come up along the way. We will arrange every aspect of your promotion effort: getting get the necessary suppliers and DMO's together to come up with a creative and well organized way to showcase your destination or your product.

Handling the itinerary means preparing for every detail you come across: from where there is a need to tip, to what meal formula works best for the participants and the suppliers. We make sure to highlight sponsors, even if they do not have a chance to meet the participants in person. We deal with budgets and negotiations as well. We accompany the Fam if needed and take care of the follow-up with participants and partners. Tour leaders received a designated mobile phone to stay in touch with suppliers and your office.
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